A Course in Miracles Study Group

A Course in Miracles Study Group


Every Wednesday at 7PM

2/ 399 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland 1021

What we're about

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is an educational program for retraining the mind that is spiritual, rather than religious, in its perspective. It is a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy used to heal yourself and others.

These ongoing classes are designed to help you to experience the lessons and wisdom of ACIM, a course recognised by the likes of Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Marianne Williamson, to name a few.

Each class involves a brief meditation/ spiritual reading practice, reading/ listening to ACIM text, completing lessons in the workbook, and sharing/ discussion. 

Our primary goal is to re-train our mind/eyes to see the world without judgment, and learn to communicate with the spirit.

Finding this study group was not an accident. You are inquisitive. You are not satisfied by what you see and hear anymore. The World as you see it just doesn’t make sense. YOU are ready for some answers/ want to learn more. 

Learn to release guilt, anger and the past using these principles. Identify blocks to love, so you can release them. Develop a wonderful relationship with yourself and thus others.

It is OK to attend without having done the reading, but we highly encourage you to start if you can! This course is meant to be experienced rather than simply talked about. 

You can find the text we will follow, online here (http://www.circleofa.... ),or (http://en.wikisource...., among other places.

This is a serious but FUN study group. Students of all experience levels and backgrounds are welcome! You can't know too little or too much to join these discussions. We will journey together through the readings and the lessons in the workbook, as a group, in person, or via Zoom.

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