All is Mind Series - David Samuel

All is Mind Series - David Samuel

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All is Mind - David Samuel


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Understanding the mind and it’s complex nature is the key to successful business, harmonious relationships, and a personal sense of wellbeing in every sense of the word. When we learn to master our own mind we take control of our destiny.

David’s methods of awareness have proven to be very effective and permanent.

This course:

  • Identifies a practical way to sort out conflicts we experience daily

  • Is about understanding the human mind and personality; why do we do what we know is bad for us, yet do not do what we know we should

  • Identifies the basic nature of the mind is, and how it came to be in its current fragmented condition

  • Identifies how defects of the mind can be corrected in order to function to fullest potential

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Forget everything you know, anything you have read or learnt, and do not compare these concepts to previously accumulated information. In order to work with any medium, the artist must understand its nature. Be it wood, paint, clay, chemicals, plastic, animal training, or anything else. Understanding how it will react to temperature, humidity, stress, cutting and any other interaction is vital to making the end product as perfect as possible.

The human mind is one of the most difficult mediums to work with because the mind itself has common factors to all minds. We can think we understand it, yet each mind is so individual that one will react completely differently to another in the same situation. All minds can be dealt with the same but only to a limited degree. The analogy is a motorway with hundreds of lanes. Each lane has its own speed limit and road surface, yet all go in the same direction. Before one can start the journey, the vehicle’s limitations and abilities must be understood so the most appropriate lane can be selected. This book is about understanding that vehicle, the human mind and personality. What the basic nature of the machine is, how it came to be in its current condition and how any defects can be corrected for it to function according to its potential rather than sputter along watching others speed by, or crash into it from behind.

This course will help you come to a realisation of how subtle, tricky and truly complex your mind can be.