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I am not going to say “follow your passion” or “find the work you were meant to do”, or any of these cliches.

The truth is we all see work from a different perspective - we find meaning and purpose for our lives in many individualistic ways - there are many permutations and combinations for creating work/life balance.

For some work is just a means to fulfill desires and aspirations completely outside of work; others may love their work so much they find it hard to distinguish what is work and what is not.

Regardless, finding the right job for you requires knowing what you want to achieve - you may need help with this question. It also requires an objective view of your talents, skills and abilities, what work is available and where, also, what is possible, realistic, and probable?

I am offering a free first consultation - 30 mins

I prefer to meet people in person but can arrange a Zoom connection if that is your preference

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