Ethicalism Series - David Samuel

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Ethicalism Series - David Samuel

4 sessions:

  • Sunday 3 June 2018: 7-9 pm
  • Sunday 10 June 2018 7-9 pm
  • Sunday 17 June 2018 7-9pm
  • Sunday 24 June 2018 7-9 pm

Earlybird and multiple booking discounts of up to 25%

A New Way to Live based on Ethics

A life of simply trying each day to be a good human being based on Ethics.

Learn how:

  • To be master of one’s own life.
  • To increase your motivation.
  • To be immune from emotional and mental manipulations.
  • To be proud to be you.

Earlybird and multiple booking discounts of up to 25%

Additional Information:

Ethicalism is not about creating a new religion, but one cannot ignore the benefits and necessity of the concept of religion. Religion is basically a framework of the world that gives a meaning and purpose to life. Without purpose or direction, life can be empty and hopeless.

Ethicalism hopes to meet the needs that religion cannot, because of dogmatic views, without distorting its simplicity. It is a path that is logical, non-dogmatic, and practical; a simple code of ethics which paves the way for one to be a good human being in a challenging world.

Ethicalism does not offer a creation myth, a reward of heaven or punishment of hell. One can decide for oneself what comes after death or where this all began, or, simply accept the reality that one must wait for the inevitable end to find out, and enjoy each moment until then. Ethicalism is a way of living to make this very life more of a heavenly existence and less of a hell. It deals with the reality and present moment of this one life you are living now. It believes in simply being as good a human being as one possibly can be, and trying to be a little better tomorrow. There is no call to convert, coerce, preach or draw other people.

The beauty of Ethicalism is that it does not contradict any other teaching and does not preclude anyone from staying with their religion and using Ethicalism as an addition to their self-development, without any conflicts.

Blind faith is not enough. We need conscious faith based on fact and self proven experiences. Ethicalism provides, and even requires, that each person must prove to themselves the validity of all the ethics based on sincere and open minded testing.

Religions separate people and create differences between one religion and another. Either you are this or you are not one of us, and that creates wars and animosity. Ethicalism is about one human race without any separation of any sort, be it race, religion, culture, social class or gender. Only sheep can follow a leader who says we are white sheep and the others are black sheep. Ethicalism says there is no difference between black and white.

The Goal of Ethicalism

To be master of one’s own mind, to clearly understand what one is thinking and why, to be immune to emotional and mental manipulations, to deal with every situation wisely and objectively with perfect ease, comfort and balance. To be a strong and confident person, making you proud to be you.